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built from love

A picture of Soul Care Crystals Owner, Jozi Hall, sitting with her arms crossed

Meet Jozi

Jozi is an intuitive healer who still remembers the spark of wonder and magic she felt as a child, holding her favorite rock. Soul Care Crystals is a woman-owned business that was built out of a love for crystals and their ability to support our soul's journey.  

At Soul Care Crystals, you'll find more than just exquisite crystals. You'll discover a sanctuary for the soul, a place where ancient wisdom whispers through polished facets and rough-hewn edges. Each stone, hand-picked for its unique energy, awaits your touch, ready to ignite your own hidden spark.

Through thoughtfully curated crystals, kits, and box sets to individual, hand-picked, and Reiki-charged crystals; our intention is to offer you pieces that will awaken the magic within and bring you peace, comfort, and a full heart.

Whether you're a seasoned crystal devotee or simply curious about the magic they hold, welcome. You can reach me at if you have any questions, or if you'd like to request certain items you may not yet see on the site. We hope you enjoy your crystal experience as much as we enjoy having you here!

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