Hematite is a wonderful stone for both grounding and protection. It also boosts one’s self-confidence.


Tiger’s Eye is a stone of vitality, mental clarity and action. This stone helps you to release fear and anxiety and stimulates taking action. It helps you to make decisions with discernment and understanding.


Malachite is a powerful stone as it is a great amplifier of energy. A powerful stone of transformation, it clears and activates the chakras. It also encourages risk-taking and change. 


Citrine is an energizing stone. It promotes joy in life as it raises self-esteem and activates creativity and self-expression. It also cleanses the chakras, specifically the solar plexus and sacral chakras. 

Carnelian grounds and anchors you in the present reality. It restores vitality and motivation while banishing negativity.

Crystal Kit "Empowered Man"

  • Kits are shipped with all items pictured, including a Palo Santo stick and a microfiber pouch for the stones.